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Breaking News: Chanel's New Quota System

Chanel is officially enforcing a new quota system — clients are permitted to acquire only two Chanel Classic flaps in 1 year! This new quota system includes Mini Flaps and will begin on June 7.

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Interestingly, this quota system is similar to another luxury house's policy - Hermès. Like Hermès, only one client can buy 2 Birkin's or 2 Kelly's in one fiscal year - if you're even offered one - under one profile. And this is not the first time Chanel has made the headlines for mimicking Hermès' policies. Many have documented Chanel's excessive price hikes to near the retail prices of Hermès. In the past year alone, Chanel has increased their prices four times.

Since our recent trip to Paris back in April 2022, we noticed that after the most recent price increase in January, a Chanel Medium Flap bag is now more expensive than a Hermès Birkin and Kelly 25 in Togo leather. A shocking move considering several factors, such as the craftsmanship and after-sales services from both luxury houses.

Many luxury aficionados remark that the quality of Chanel handbags has decreased while their prices continue to increase. Many collectors feel frustrated since Chanel handbags are, for the majority, known to be machine stitched, while Hermès handbags are only handcrafted. Moreover, many find that Chanel's after-sales services are lacking. With Hermès, any handbag can be repaired and refurbished for a fee. Whereas with Chanel, their after-sales services currently only accept black Classic Flaps for repairs.

Many believe that the price tag of an Hermès Birkin can be justified when analyzing the quality and hard work that goes into creating these highly coveted bags. A Hermès artisan must train for several years before being allowed to develop a Birkin or Kelly bag. Additionally, every Hermès bag is made by one person, in every aspect from start to finish. Each artisan is responsible for creating a single piece by hand, taking 15-24 hours. Many have compared the production of Hermès leather bags to creating a work of art.

With several price hikes in 1 year and this new quota system, it is easy to understand why people claim Chanel is rushing to become the new Hermès.

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