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Kelly 25 Sellier Deep Bleu Veau Madame with Gold Hardware

Kelly 25 Sellier Deep Bleu Veau Madame with Gold Hardware

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The Deep Bleu Hermès Kelly 25 in Madame Veau leather with gold hardware (ghw) is a stunning embodiment of elegance and sophistication. This particular shade of deep blue is rich and captivating, with subtle hints of green that evoke the serene and mysterious depths of ocean waters. It stands distinct among Hermès' extensive palette of over 40 shades of blue, offering a unique hue that is neither too dark like navy nor leaning towards green or purple. It’s a true deep blue that feels both unplaceable in nature yet inherently natural.


The Madame Veau leather used in this Kelly 25 is supple and soft to the touch, offering a tactile delight with its finely embossed grain and softer feel compared to the Epsom leather. Known for its lightweight and lustrous sheen, this leather adds a luxurious touch to the bag, enhancing its overall elegance. The gold hardware (ghw) provides a beautiful contrast, brightening up the bag and highlighting the depth of the Deep Bleu color. The combination of this exquisite shade, premium leather, and refined hardware makes the Hermès Kelly 25 a timeless and versatile piece.

Collection: B (2023 Production)

Condition: Pristine: new or never worn.

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