General Questions

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We currently accept:

- Bank Transfer 

- Mamo Pay 

- Credit Card Machine *applicable to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah clients*

- Cash Upon Delivery *applicable to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah clients*

Can I Be Sure My Item Is Authentic?

Diamonds in Dubai is recognized as a trusted platform in the UAE for sourcing and selling pristine and pre-loved luxury goods. For this reason, authenticity of our products is our highest priority. We ensure all our products go through our distinctive authentication process. Each item goes through a two phase authentication process. The first step is to be validated by our in-house expert authenticator. The second step is to be scanned by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which uses a scientifically-proven approach to check, verify, and authenticate high value items.

In the unlikely event that a luxury product purchased through us is found to be inauthentic by a reputable authenticator from our list, every client of Diamonds in Dubai is entitled to a guaranteed refund. 

Contact us via admin@diamondsindxb.ae for the list of reputable authenticators that we accept.

Why Do You Have A Final Sale Policy On Most Items?

The majority of our curated items are in pristine condition, some still in their original packaging from the brands’ boutiques. Our merchandise is carefully preserved in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment and in their original packaging. Items are only taken out of their original packaging for authentication and photography purposes. Throughout this process, all items are handled with white gloves to avoid any potential damage. 

Once an item is no longer in our facility, we cannot guarantee how the item was handled. The smallest change in the item’s condition, such as loss of plastic on the frontal hardware, or scratches on the leather, substantially reduces the value of the item. 

Our ethos is to ensure customers are receiving their items as described and photographed on our website and social media platforms. Thus, by enforcing a “final sale” policy, we make certain that our items remain in their condition as described. 

How Do You Rate The Condition For Items?

Pristine: new or never worn.

Please note that some items cataloged as “Pristine” may have stickers missing on hardware, or a missing purcahse receipt. Each time will include a description with full details about what is not included in each item listed. 

Categories for “Preloved” items:

Each “Preloved” item will include a description with full details about imperfections, wear, and if any materials are missing. 

Mint: hard to believe somebody owned it before. Showing minimum signs of wear.

Very Good: more than one imperfection.

Good: remains in good condition, but has moderate imperfections that are visible. 

Fair: has visible imperfections such as scratches, discoloration and/or tearing. The product is still in fair condition and usually sold at a discounted price compared to similar items in better condition.

What Is Your Commission Rate?

Handbag Commission:

20% of the selling price for a bag worth up to 12,000 AED.

15% of the selling price for a bag worth 12,001 AED to 59,250 AED.

14% of the selling price for a bag worth more than 59,250 AED.

Shoes, Jewelry, and Watches Commission:

20% of the selling price for shoes, jewelry, and watches worth up to 15,000 AED.

15% of the selling price for shoes, jewelry, and watches worth more than 15,000 AED.

14% of the selling price for shoes, jewelry, and watches worth more than 59,250 AED.

Will I Be Charged Sales Tax Or Custom Duties?

We charge sales tax as applicable. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions.

Clients are responsible for all customs charges. Please contact us at admin@diamondsindxb.ae prior to payment if custom charges are a concern.

Do You Accept Items On Consignment?

Yes, we accept items on consignment. View our selling/consignment page here.

Do You Offer Personal Shopping Services?

We provide a personal shopping experience for all our clients. Clients and shoppers are welcome to call to ask questions about any of our products, to check on shipment status or to complete a purchase over the phone rather than online.

If you are in the market for a specific item, we can try to source it for you. We have an extensive network of suppliers, so if the item is available, we will find it. Please contact us at admin@diamondsindxb.ae. Please include the name of the item, the color and any other details. We will notify you if and when the item arrives.