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Bride-a-Brac Handbag GM Size (large) in Marine

Bride-a-Brac Handbag GM Size (large) in Marine

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The Hermès Bride-A-Brac Case in the GM size (large), is a true testament to both style and functionality. Crafted with precision, this case is a fusion of artistry and innovation. Its lightweight canvas construction is elegantly paired with a chevron lining that wards off stains and repels water, ensuring your treasured beauty essentials remain secure even in the face of occasional mishaps.

The pouch's charm lies in its adaptability—more than a conventional cosmetic case, it's a versatile companion. A luxurious zip closure, while the bi-colored canvas handle adds a touch of uniqueness. The handle's versatility is a standout feature, allowing it to be styled in various ways. Notably, the handle can be discreetly fastened inwards, transforming the Bride-A-Brac Case into an inner pouch. This makes it an ideal companion to larger bags like the Garden Party 36 or the Victoria 43, offering both organization and structure.


Collection: 2023 purchase.

Condition: Pristine: new or never worn. Does not include a box *please note, Bride a Brac's are not sold with boxes or dustbags.*. Comes with the invoice.

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