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Kelly Ado Backpack Matte Kraft Alligator with Gold Hardware

Kelly Ado Backpack Matte Kraft Alligator with Gold Hardware

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The Kelly Ado backpack is a highly coveted accessory that has made a remarkable comeback. Initially introduced in 1997, it was later discontinued but reimagined and reintroduced in 2018 as the Kelly Ado II. The modern version of the backpack showcases a 22cm base, deviating from the original sizes of 20cm and 28cm.

Crafted from premium leather, the Kelly Ado II is available in various colors. However, the most extraordinary and sought-after versions are the exotic editions made with Matte Alligator. Among these, the Matte Kraft Alligator stands out as an exceptionally rare and prized find. While Hermès has long utilized the shade of Karft in their production, it is only recently that it has been crafted into an exotic material.


The Matte Kraft Alligator Kelly Ado II is a true gem for Hermès collectors, representing the pinnacle of luxury. Its exquisite rarity is further accentuated by the gleaming Gold hardware that adorns the backpack. Our Kelly Ado is in mint condition, and this backpack exemplifies the epitome of style and sophistication, making it the ultimate accessory for those in search of a truly exceptional backpack. Due to its exclusivity, finding this particular Matte Kraft Alligator Kelly Ado II on the secondary market is exceptionally challenging, making it a highly coveted item among connoisseurs.

Collection: Stamp Y (2020 Production)

Condition: Mint, hard to believe somebody owned it before. Showing minimum signs of wear. Missing sticker on turn lock. Comes with the CITES.

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