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Picotin 14 Micro Daisy with Palladium Hardware

Picotin 14 Micro Daisy with Palladium Hardware

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Released in the Hermès Spring Summer 2022 Womenswear collection, the Picotin Lock Micro Lucky Daisy has been attracting attention for its newest size and design immediately after its release. Printed in a “Lucky Daisy” pattern on Swift leather, it features the iconic horseshoe theme, which is re-arranged to mimic a flower design. In addition to the casualness of the Picotin lock itself, the small size of this micro makes it even more adorable as well as a collector's piece.  


This Picotin 14 is crafted with Chai Swift leather. The flower design features Nata and Mauve Sylvestre, which can be styled throughout all seasons. Can be closed with a leather strap held by a palladium-plated silver padlock.

Collection: U (2022 Collection)

Condition: Pristine; new or never worn (plastic on hardware).

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