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Birkin 25 Rouge De Coeur in Porosus Crocodile Leather with Gold Hardware

Birkin 25 Rouge De Coeur in Porosus Crocodile Leather with Gold Hardware

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This iconic piece is a true embodiment of luxury and style, carefully crafted to perfection.

The Hermès Rouge De Coeur color (Hermès color code S3) gracing this handbag is akin to a vibrant candy-apple red, infused with delicate hints of pink, orange, and yellow undertones. Aptly named "Red Heart," this shade exudes an intense passion and electric energy, elevating any ensemble it accompanies. It's a hue that radiates confidence and sophistication, capturing attention and adding a striking pop of color to your look.

With its rare Crocodile Porosus leather, the Birkin 25 showcases not only a timeless design but also an exquisite texture that accentuates the uniqueness of each scale. The gold hardware complements the Rouge de Ceour hue, creating a harmonious fusion of opulence and elegance.


Elevate your collection with this Birkin 25 in Crocodile Porosus Rouge de Ceour – a masterpiece that seamlessly marries impeccable craftsmanship with the allure of an iconic color.

Collection: Stamp U (2022 production).

Condition: Pristine: new or never worn. Stickers on all hardware.

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