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Hac a Dos PM Backpack Black in Togo Leather with Palladium Hardware

Hac a Dos PM Backpack Black in Togo Leather with Palladium Hardware

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The Hermès HAC A Dos, the newest member of the esteemed Birkin bag lineage, reimagines the iconic Birkin's classic design with a modern twist, delivering both timeless elegance and the epitome of luxury craftsmanship. This exceptional accessory marries the Birkin's renowned aesthetic with unparalleled versatility and functionality, making it a must-have for those who value style and convenience.

At the heart of the HAC A Dos's adaptability is its adjustable tonal Amazone canvas strap. This ingenious feature allows you to effortlessly switch between carrying it over the shoulder or slipping it over your head for a secure, hands-free fit. It's the perfect embodiment of form meeting function, ensuring that you can effortlessly carry your essentials in style, no matter your preference.

The compact size of the HAC A Dos PM is a testament to its thoughtful design. It strikes the perfect balance between being compact and spacious enough to accommodate your essentials without ever appearing bulky. This bag is your ideal companion for a day out or an evening event. What truly sets this HAC A Dos apart is its distinctive color.


Crafted from Black Togo leather, this bag captures the essence of the famous French green liqueur, Absinthe, known for its vibrant and alluring green hue.

Collection: B (2023 purchase)

Condition: Pristine; new or never worn (plastic on hardware). Comes full set.

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