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Hermès 24/24 29 Gold in Togo Leather with Gold Hardware

Hermès 24/24 29 Gold in Togo Leather with Gold Hardware

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The Hermès 24/24 Bag in Gold is a harmonious blend of form and function. When its rigid flap is gracefully folded against the soft body of the bag, it closes with a gentle touch, omitting the need for visible padlocks. Instead, it boasts an elegant, rounded twist clasp that secures effortlessly with a simple twist of your fingertips.

Inspired by the sleek design of tailored suit jackets, the 24/24 bag includes a cleverly concealed piped pocket on the back, offering a discreet and stylish solution for stowing your essentials. This understated design element elevates your daily routine with a touch of sophistication, making the Hermès 24/24 Mini Bag in Gold a true masterpiece of practical elegance.


Collection: Stamp B, 2023 Production

Condition: Unused/Pristine condition. Comes full set.

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