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Kelly 25 in Bleu Celeste Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware

Kelly 25 in Bleu Celeste Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware

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This Hermès Kelly 25 in Bleu Celeste with Epsom leather and Gold Hardware is a stunning piece that showcases the brand's renowned expertise in color and craftsmanship. Hermès is renowned for their impressive range of over 40 shades of blue, and the addition of Blue Celeste to its collection is nothing short of spectacular. This hue is unplaceable in nature, yet somehow very natural. The gold hardware serves to accentuate the exquisite color, creating a striking contrast that enhances the depth and richness of the shade. 


This store-fresh Kelly 25 is crafted from high-quality Epsom leather, which is known for its durability and elegant texture. The leather accentuates the beauty of the Blue Celeste, showcasing the color's nuances and highlighting its unique character. This Kelly 25 is an exceptional piece that epitomizes Hermès' commitment to creating exquisite, timeless designs that are unrivaled in quality and craftsmanship. It is a must-have for any collector seeking a piece that combines sophistication, beauty, and enduring style.

Made of Epsom leather, the bag has contrast stitching, Gold hardware, two front straps with front toggle closure, a single rolled handle, and a removable shoulder strap. The interior is lined with Bleu Celeste leather and has one open pocket on the back wall.

Collection: U (2022 Collection).

Condition: Pristine; new or never worn. Includes box and the purchase receipt.

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