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Kelly Pochette Bleu Nuit Alligator Mississippiensis with Gold Hardware

Kelly Pochette Bleu Nuit Alligator Mississippiensis with Gold Hardware

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The Hermès Kelly Pochette has taken the handbag world by storm! When compared to the new 20cm Mini Kelly II, this Kelly Pochette, crafted from an exceptionally rare matte alligator skin in the mesmerizing Bleu Nuit shade, exudes a multifaceted blue hue that, when complemented by gold hardware, creates a truly distinctive and luxurious neutral appearance.

Designed and introduced by Jean Paul Gaultier in 2004, the Kelly Pochette holds a significant historical connection, with the Pochette being known as the "Original Mini Kelly." It wasn't considered a quota bag until about 2020, adding to its allure as an exclusive find. In recent times, many Hermès boutiques have treated it as such, sometimes limiting customers from acquiring both a Kelly Pochette and another quota bag simultaneously.


With its iconic flap, sangles, and turn lock closure, mirroring other Hermès Kelly bags, the Kelly Pochette remains the most sought-after Hermès clutch. Its rarity, coupled with its stunning design and practicality, elevates it to a true treasure.

Collection: Stamp B (2023 production)

Condition: Pristine; new or never worn (plastic on hardware).

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